Dance video for Tilted by Christine and the Queens – Corey Baker Dance

Dance video for Corey Baker Dance, featuring award-winning dancer William Bracewell (Outstanding male classical performance @ National Dance Awards 2015 ) from Birmingham Royal Ballet. Shot on location at Birmingham Municipal Bank.

Prudent people seek a place wherein to lodge their securities, says an inscription in the vault of the Birmingham Municipal Bank. Built in the early XX century, the place that was a powerful and opulent symbol of faith in capitalism and financial prosperity, but it shut down in 1979. Tilted has been shot there in 2016. A dancer moves through the bones of the now deserted building, only to find sand in the security boxes and hall of the bank as if any trace of wealth and prosperity has now dissolved. The piece is inspired by the financial chaos of our times and it reflects on the transience of property and human life. It was shot in a continuous during which the camera follows the dancer from the archive of the bank, through the vault, up to the deserted main hall. The idea behind the choreography was to take classic ballet out of its traditional setting and push it to an uncommon territory. The choreographer and the dancer experimented both with traditional ballet and contemporary dance moves, developing a device that allows the dancer to achieve a peculiar forward leaning movement. Ature is a collaboration between choreographer Corey Baker and film director Michele Cadei, it was filmed at the Birmingham Municipal Bank and performed by William Bracewell, soloist dancer of the Birmingham Royal Ballet.
At the end of 2016 the video has been published on Youtube as a music video to the track Tilted by Christine and the Queens, receiving over 120 000 views


Filmmaking / Cinematography by Michele Cadei

Choreography / Artistic Direction by Corey Baker

Edited by: Corey Baker, Michele Cadei & Aleksander Mazurkiewicz