NOWNESS – Olapa Kingdom

The instinctive paths of the Maasai people

The instinctive paths of the Maasai people
Short documentary commissioned by NOWNESS
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In the Maasai Traditional Village of Oloimugi (Laikipia Region, Central Kenya), life flows in symbiosis with nature.
In this untouched environment, the Maasai people live in a traditional pastoralist way, pasturing the cattle and gathering what nature has to offer. Their diet is based exclusively on milk, blood, and meat. They do not affect the ecosystem and they not produced any waste. Researches have proven that their lifestyle is totally healthy for the body and sustainable for the planet.


An extended 18′ cut titled Oloimugi is currently being screened at film festivals around the world.


Festival Screenings

ITALY – 33rd Bergamo Film Meeting 2015

MEXICO – 6th Festival Internacional de Cine Latinoamericano en Oaxaca 2015

ITALY 23rd Arcipelago Film Festival – Rome 2015

ITALY – Ciampino International Film Fest 2015

ITALY – Palermo International Short Film Festival 2015

POLAND – 14th Ekofilm Festival Nowogard 2016

SPAIN – Rural FilmFest 2016

ITALY Corto Fieno 2016

CHILE – Festival Internacional de Cine Arica Nativa 2016


a film by
Michele Cadei

executive producers: Henry Lloyd-Baker, Nikolaj Belzer Everything is Okay
music by Mark Hodgkin
sound designer / dubbing mixer: Ania Przygoda
additional sound editing: Maiken Hansen
colourist: Ludovic Roussaux at Okay Studio
shot at Oloimugi village – Laikipia county, Kenya
18′ UK-Lithuania 2015