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A guy pushes an ice block along the road. He has a mission to accomplish

A guy pushes an ice block along the road. He has a mission to accomplish. Gradually, the ice starts to melt.
This was my graduation short film from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Scuola Nazionale di Cinema in Rome (Italy). It was produced in collaboration with RAI Cinema and it was screened on the national television. It was an occasion to experiment with a purely visual storyline and with underwater 3d VFX.


Best short film at Molise Cinema Fest 2012 (Italy)

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Festivals Participation

SINGAPORE – Next Reel Film Festival 2012
CHINA – Beijing ISVF 2011
USA – European Short Film Festival at MIT – Boston 2012
BELGIUM – Fidec 2011
PORTUGAL – Cineco 2011
FRANCE – Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest 2013
ITALY – Visioni Ambientali – Bologna 2012
ITALY – Molise Cinema Fest 2012
ITALY – Cortoacquario Roma 2012
ITALY – Premio Cinematografico Palena 2012
ITALY – OFF CINEMA Firenze 2012
ITALY – Cinema italiano visto da Milano 2012
ITALY – Novara Cinema Fest 2012
ITALY – Festival Cinema Europeo di Lecce 2012


photos by Nina Baratta


Italy 2011 – Fiction – 35mm – 1:1:85 – Dolby SRD – Italian – 6’ 18”

directed by Michele Cadei
starring Marco Spiranelli
cinematographer: Sara Arango Ochoa
editing: Yael Leibel
music: Jered Sorkin
story: Marco Spiranelli, Michele Cadei
set design: Ilaria Fallacara
costume designer: Viola Ponzi
production manager: Francesca Cozzolino
sound recordist: Emanuela Cotellessa
1st AD: Davide Zurolo
Vfx: Paola Trisoglio, Stefano Marinoni (Visualogie)
Produced by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production with the partecipation of Rai Cinema