Catellani & Smith

Commercials for Italian designers Catellani & Smith


Commercial for Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith is an Italian lighting brand. Their creations are exhibited worldwide. In London they are permanently on display at the V&A cafeteria


Director/Cinematographer: Michele Cadei
Set Design: Giulia Scrimeri
Special thanks to
Aleksander Mazurkiewicz , Associazione IsabelleIlCapriolo, Alessandro Della Valentina, Nadia Deretti

©V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum/Galleries 12 to 16, Morris, Gamble and Poynter Rooms/Designed by MUMA/Lighting by Catellani And Smith

A Wallflip

super high speed slow motion of a wallfllip

Shot on a Fastec Troubleshooter camera @1000fps in Quarto Alto, Genova – Italy


Michele Cadei – director
Adel Oberto – producer
Beppe Maio – cinematographer
Fabio Odetti – jumper
Alessandra Ferrari – set designer
Giada Masi – costume designer
Giulia Selvaggini – assistant camera
Gigi Camassa – second assistant camera
Franz Riva – production assistant
Matteo Forli – production assistant
Giulia Lazzarini – assistant director

Eclipse at Woodford Green

While everyone else is mad about watching a solar eclipse, a golf player and his dog do not care


While everyone else is mad about watching a solar eclipse, a golf player and his dog do not care…

The Eclipse project:
37 young directors from different parts of Europe were asked to capture the eclipse on March 20th 2015. This is the London segment.The different episodes will be then edited into a single film.


directed, filmed and edited by Michele Cadei
with Mr David and “Molly”
shot and edited in one day on March 20th 2015 in Woodford Green, London

La Vie en Parkour

Short doc about parkourists in the suburbs of Rome


Italy 2008 – 12′ – Documentary – HD – 1:1,77 – Italian

Director and Steadicam operator: Michele Cadei
Edited by: Lucia Sblendorio
Sound by: Massimiliano Bonomo, Gianmarco De Candia
Production Manager:, Beatrice Buzi
Thanks to: Daniele Segre
Produced by Scuola Nazionale di Cinema – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia